The Rockall Club

"To the average person, the existence of ... Rockall is almost, or wholly, unknown. It might form part of the British Isles, or be situated in Central Asia, so far as the ordinary man is able to tell." - Christy M. (1898)

"In Victorian times it was said that to have visited Rockall was the epitome of heroism and reflected well on the bravery and moral character of the traveller." - MacDonald F. (2006)

The Rockall Club was founded in 2012, the 40th anniversary year of the The Rockall Act 1972, and aims to promote interest in Rockall and foster friendships among those who have landed on the remote isle. Due to the proliferation of inaccurate mis-information regarding Rockall on the internet, The Club also hopes that this website will become the primary source for accurate and historical information on Rockall.

Currently, membership of The Club is only available to those who have landed on Rockall. Membership is automatic to those people with confirmed landings. However, it is hoped that in the future, anyone who is interested in Rockall may be able to join the club as a 'Friend of Rockall', enjoying all the privileges of ordinary membership.

If you have landed on Rockall and this has not been officially recorded by The Club, or have information that has not come to the attention of The Rockall Club regarding landings, please contact The Secretary.