The Rockall Club

2023 - The Rockall Exped team landed on Rockall on 30th May. The two radio HAM members of the team were evacuated after four days, leaving Cam Cameron alone on the rock. Cam was evacuated by HM Coastguard on 28th June due to declining weather conditions.

August 2022 - Kraken Travel had planning a voyage to Rockall with the potential opportunity to land, weather dependent (postponed from May 2020). This trip was cancelled due to unforeseen cicumstances.

A commemortaive Rockall Club Patch is now available to members of The Club, to raise funds for the Rockall 2022 expedition. Please contact the secretary for more information.

March 2021 - The first Rockall Club gathering was planned at The Northern Lighthouse Board in Edinburgh. This was cancelled due to Covid-19.

4th July 2017 - Safehaven Marine completed their 'Long Way Round' circumnavigation of Ireland via Rockall, placing a plaque on the rock without landing. The team comprised skipper Frank Kowalski, Mary Power, Ciaran Monks, Ian Brownlee and Carl Randalls, and were unfortunately unable to confirm whether the navigation light is still in operation.

29th May 2016 - Neil McGrigor's team of four landed by Scorpion RIB 'Rockall' from Oban, they spent the night and installed a new Carmanah M650 solar LED white light, which was programmed to flash at 15 second intervals.

Nick Hancock has published his book Rockall Solo about his 2014 expedition, which is available here.

June 2016 - The second Round Rockall Race has been cancelled. No further races are currently planned.

19th July 2014 - Nick Hancock achieved record breaking 45 day solo and unsupported occupation record of Rockall.

16th June 2014 - VSV Maryslim completed record 53 hour, 29 minute, 52 second run from Portland Bill around Rockall and back.

31st May 2013 - Nick Hancock's Rockall Solo expedition abandoned due to adverse swell conditions preventing a safe landing.

26th June 2012 - The first Round Rockall Race departed from Galway in Ireland. The race was won by single-handed Barry Hurley on 'Dinah' in 4 days, 17 hours and 14 minutes.

1st June 2012 - Nick Hancock landed on Rockall at 1700hrs from Kilda Cruises' new boat Orca III. Nick sent the first Tweet from Rockall, and the first Facebook update via satellite phone.

September 2011 - Patrick Godderie and Rudi Marleen landed on Rockall (IOTA designation EU-189) from the Commandant Fourcault. They transmitted from Rockall for 15 hours, making circa 1200 'contacts' from call sign MM0RAI/P, and survived an overnight stay without shelter.