The Rockall Club

Visiting Rockall is difficult, completely weather dependant, and not cheap. Landings are rare, require specialist equipement and experience, good weather and a lot of luck. The remoteness of the islet is the primary reason for the infrequency of landings and its mystique; the weather is the deciding factor in departures, successful journies, and landings. The boat charter companies below operate out of the Western Isles and have high success rates in both visits to, and landings on Rockall.

Kraken Travel had planned a voyage to Rockall with the potential opportunity to land, weather dependent in May 2020. This was postponed and eventually cancelled due to Covid restrictions. For more information on any future trips please head to their website.

Kilda Cruises - have historically had an excellent record in going to and landing on Rockall. Orca 3 was launched in April 2012 and was instrumental in Nick Hancock's landing during the Jubilee celebrations and his stay in 2014. Orca 3 has since been sold.

Rockall Guide - Nick Hancock FRGS is the current Rockall solo occupation record holder, having lived alone on Rockall for 45 days without resupply in 2014. As such he has unrivalled knowledge and experience regarding preparation, equipment and landing on the rock. Nick, who is a qualified Mountain Leader, is available to hire as a guide for any prospective Rockall landings.